Bendigo photos is divided into reading articles & photo gallery pages.

Articles tell you more about a place or event in Bendigo.

Galleries just show you all the photos of an event.

To find what you are looking for search using keywords about the event, like who, what, when, and, where? Examples of keywords like the name of the event, the name of the organization involved, or the location of an event and listed below.

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Search by the event name – use the name of the event or activity.

Search by the community group name – use the name of the group, businesses or entity. Examples below

Search by the location – use the name of the place where the event was held. Examples below.

Search by keyword – use word that would be easily associated with what you are looking for. Examples below.

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New community groups are periodically tagged as they become known. If you find a gallery that hasn’t been tagged correctly you can help us out by commenting on that page or photo.

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