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A guide to answering frequently asked questions.

Find a photo

The search engine in the menu only allows you to look up galleries with the keyword you entered. You can’t search for individual photos. To find out more you can read our advanced search guide.

Can i just use the watermark version

No. A watermark is used to let someone know that this photo can not be copied or used elsewhere. All photos are inherently copyright protected but by copying an image with a watermark on it you are expressly committing copyright infringement and can be held liable for damages.

Remove, Report a Photo

Yes, photos can be removed by request.
To do this you will need to click on the comment and report icon from the drop-down menu and write ‘remove photo’ in the comment section.
In most cases, photos will be removed without needing to give a reason.

Facts and Questions Help faq images for bendigo

Purchasing Physical Prints

Choice the size of the print, click on the + (plus symbol) to increase the number of copies, click on the – (negative symbol) to remove copies.
– On completion of purchasing your photos, your order will be printed and mailed to your home address linked to your Paypal account.
– Photo prints are sealed inside a rigid waterproof packaging to protect against weather and handling damage.
– Please refer to the product page for more information about the quality of the physical photo prints.

Facts and Questions Help faq images for bendigo

Purchasing Digital Downloads

Click ‘ADD’ to include a digital copy of the photo in your cart.
Click ‘REMOVE’ to take away the digital copy of the photo in your cart.
– If your add to cart the high-resolution copy of the photo, you do not need to add a low resolution of your photo.
– On completion of purchasing your photos, you will automatically be redirected to a download page for your photos.
– On completion of your purchase, an email will be sent with a download link and a receipt to your email address associated with your Paypal account.
-Please refer to the product page for more information about the quality of the digital photos.

Facts and Questions Help faq images for bendigo

Downloading free photos

You do not need to provide any information to download free photos.
Click on the cart icon to open the download panel.
Clicking the download button will download the photo straight to your desktop computer or mobile device.
The T & Cs can be read by clicking on the (View License Terms)

Facts and Questions Help faq images for bendigo

USB Delivery of Digital Photos

For convenience, you can also purchase a USB to be delivered by mail.
You only need one USB in your the cart for all your photos to be added to the USB. Add the USB to the cart by clicking + (Plus Symbol) on one of your photos.
-Once you have added a USB you only need to add the High-Resolution photos to the cart.
-You still need to purchase a High-Resolution copy of each of the photos you want to buy.
– On completion of your purchase, you will receive a USB in the mail, but you also have the option to download the photos online using the link sent to your email.

Facts and Questions Help faq images for bendigo

Photo Order Tracking

– Digital photos will be delivered automatically to your email.
Photos can then be download straight to your phone or desktop computer without needing to extract files.
– Physical photo orders do not currently have postage tracking.
Most orders should be completed within 5 business days of completing a purchase.

What can I use my digital photo for?

You can purchase digital photos on Bendigo.Photos for personal and limited business use.
– Examples of personal usage include posting it on your social media account, printing the photo to put on display in your home, or sharing it with your household family members.
– Examples of business usage include posting photos of your own business on your social media for promotional purposes, printing the photo in a brochure, or using it on a website.
– To understand more about your end-user license agreement you can read our license.

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