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Strathfieldsaye Primary School celebrated its 150th birthday

Strathfieldsaye Primary School celebrated its 150th birthday.

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Strathfieldsaye Primary School recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, with many former staff and pupils attending the party. The oldest former student in attendance was 95-year-old Hilda Bowles, who attended the school in the 1930s when the Somerville family made up the majority of the student body. Today, the school has over 550 students and 60 teaching and support staff. As part of the celebration, former pupils from the 1998 school year dug up a time capsule they buried 25 years ago. The current students have been learning about the school's history in the classroom and will focus on the milestone for the rest of the year. The school has grown significantly over the years, from 293 enrolments in 1999 to 555 in 2023. The school's history dates back to 1873, and the celebration was an opportunity to acknowledge the generations of families who have come through the school and the teachers who have played a significant role in the education of students past and present.

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